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Fitness Guru

February 9, 2012 • Humor, LifestyleComments Off on Fitness Guru

Fitness, schmitness. Guess who I’m channeling? Honey, hit the play butt-on and freak! Snarky level 8. Doesn’t look like exercise is in my jeans. Good health to all of you who DO care.

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About: VogueFish

January 5, 2012 • Food, Humor, LifestyleComments Off on About: VogueFish

vogue 1571, the vogue , “leading place in popularity, greatest success or acceptance,” from M.Fr. vogue “fashion, success, drift, swaying motion (of a boat)” lit. “a rowing,” from O.Fr. voguer “to row,sway, set sail,” probably from O.Low Ger.

Have A Ridiculous Holiday

December 1, 2011 • HumorComments Off on Have A Ridiculous Holiday

I’m speechless. He’s so darn cute here. I still have to leave the room to stifle a laugh.

What Holes?

September 4, 2011 • HumorComments Off on What Holes?

I used to think it was funny when he’d try to crawl under the blanket with me in the morning. First, he’d tap three times on the blanket. When I wouldn’t respond, he’d shove his big head into my face and basically try to suffocate me until I lifted

Peta Revenge

July 4, 2011 • HumorComments Off on Peta Revenge

Stealth Mode

June 2, 2011 • HumorComments Off on Stealth Mode

He truly truly believes no one can see him. I don’t have the heart to break it to him so I always pretend I don’t see him. Even though I do. Thought I’d make that clear. I’m just saying.

BM Journal

December 25, 2010 • HumorComments Off on BM Journal

Mr Smarty Pants is having BM trouble. More specifically, the litter box is possessed. At least he thinks so. Some days it simply freaks him out and he’ll have no part of it. One expensive x-ray later revealed he has an arthritic back so any bowel trouble

All Mine

March 26, 2010 • HumorComments Off on All Mine

Finally cleaned underneath the stove. And found all his toys.