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  • She Meant To Change But Then She Died

    November 1, 2009 • StorytellingComments Off on She Meant To Change But Then She Died

    When Jessica woke up that morning, she lost her dream. She took it to bed the night before, dragged it kicking and screaming, bloody and bruised, tucked it under her pillow. By morning it was gone. Or so she thought. She would find it again one day but in the

  • Scenes From A Garment Factory

    February 2, 2005 • StorytellingComments Off on Scenes From A Garment Factory

    The garment factory which my father owned and where he worked eighteen hours a day was on the sixth floor of the old Tisch building behind Broadway in New York’s Chinatown.  The entire building inside and out was covered in a dingy brown grime that had


    April 6, 1993 • StorytellingComments Off on REMEMBER THAT DAY

    I thought I was going to dive head and palms first into Hong Kong harbor. But I didn’t. Instead, I recovered on my backside and only my ego was bruised. I looked up at my little brother and saw him staring at me. I think he knew he almost killed me. I