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Yatterman (2009)

November 17, 2009 • Film, ReviewsComments Off on Yatterman (2009)

(director: Takashi Miike; producer: Yoshinori Chiba; writer:Tatsuo Yoshida) Cast: Sho Sakurai, Anri Okamoto, Kyôko Fukada, Saki Fukada, Kendo Kobayashi ~~~ Plot: A mystical stone known as “the Skull Stone” was split into four separate parts and scattered across the world. It is said that if all the pieces of the stone are reunited, then the

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Host, The (2006)

April 13, 2008 • Film, Reviews, TrailersComments Off on Host, The (2006)

Bong Joon-ho's The Host is the best kind of genre film, a movie that delivers the conventions audiences expect from a horror flick while also offering surprising new variations on the formula.

Musa (2001)

November 17, 2007 • Film, ReviewsComments Off on Musa (2001)

Country: Korea AKA: Warrior, The Warriors, Musa the Warrior Director: Kim Sung-su Producer: Cha Seoung-jae, Xia Shang Writer: Kim Sung-su Cast: Ju Jin-mo, Jung Woo-sung, Ahn Sung-kee, Zhang Ziyi, Park Yong-woo, Park Jeong-hak, Yu Hye-jin, Jeung Seok-yong, Lee

Mr. Nice Guy (1997)

November 17, 2007 • Film, ReviewsComments Off on Mr. Nice Guy (1997)

Country: Hong Kong AKA: A Nice Guy; Superchef; No More Mr. Nice Guy Literally: One Good Man Director: Sammo Hung Chin Pao Producer: Leonard Ho Chua Lam Writer: Edward Tang Cast: Jackie Chan (Sing Lung), Richard Norton, Miki Lee, Gabrielle Fitzpatrick, Peter

Miracles (1989)

November 17, 2007 • Film, ReviewsComments Off on Miracles (1989)

AKA: Mr. Canton and Lady Rose; Black Dragon; The Canton Godfather; Singapore Sling Country: Hong Kong; Director: Jackie Chan; Producer: Leonard Ho Koon-Cheung; Writer: Jackie Chan Cast: Jackie Chan, Anita Mui Yim-Fong, Gloria Yip Wan-Yi, Wu Ma, Richard Ng

Milo and Otis

November 17, 2007 • Film, ReviewsComments Off on Milo and Otis

Country: Japan Director: Masanori Hata Writer: Masanori Hata Producer: Hisashi Hieda, Masaru Kakutani Cast: Shigeru Tsuyuguchi, Kyôko Koizumi, Dudley Moore (English version) Running Time: 90 Min Plot: The story of two animals and their adventures. Milo, the

Memories (1996) (Anime)

November 17, 2007 • Film, ReviewsComments Off on Memories (1996) (Anime)

Country: Japan; Director: Kouji Morimoto (segment 1), Tensai Okamuro, (segment 2), Katsuhiro Otomo (segment 3); Writer: Satoshi Kon, Katsuhiro Otomo; Producer: Shigeru Watanabe Cast: ? Running Time: 113 min. ~~~ Plot: Memories is made up of three separate

Mahjong Dragon (1996)

November 17, 2007 • Film, ReviewsComments Off on Mahjong Dragon (1996)

Country: Hong Kong Director: Cory Yuen Writer: ? Producer: ? Cast: Josephine Siao Fong-fong, Vincent Zhao Wenzhuo (Chiu Man Cheuk), Lam Kei-wan, Blacky Ko Sau-Leung, Lo Wai-kwong. . Running Time: 96 Min Plot: Mahjong Dragon follows the story of two