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Tiny Hamster Tiny Burrito

May 4, 2014 • Food, Humor, Lifestyle, VideoComments Off on Tiny Hamster Tiny Burrito

I like burritos. I like hamsters. It was either this or the debate between surveillance and privacy. I’ll let others fight the good fight. Just want to spread some joy today. Mashable reports on new Youtube comedy channel HelloDenizen’s first upload: Source:

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Gourmet Pop Tarts

November 22, 2013 • FoodComments Off on Gourmet Pop Tarts

Who says kids can’t eat good? (Or is that more good?) In this fictitious concept restaurant, brothers Anthony and Danny Palumbo have been praised for their fresh spin on classic childhood dishes such as Mac ‘n Cheese and Hot Dogs. Their menu

Eggs With Expiration Dates

November 20, 2013 • Food, LifestyleComments Off on Eggs With Expiration Dates

A metaphor to replace the Christmas cake to denote unmarried women over 25, perhaps? Twenty-five has long come and gone so I don’t mind those metaphors anymore. Nonetheless, it was bittersweet to see dated eggs from the supermarket today. I’m sure

Low-Carb, Healthier Veggie Pizza

November 3, 2013 • FoodComments Off on Low-Carb, Healthier Veggie Pizza

From This pizza has approximately 375 calories (this will vary depending on the type of cheese and “crust” you use). According to Domino’s website, just a small thin crust of theirs with marinara sauce has 480 calories. And that’s

Marukai eStore is a godsend

June 8, 2013 • FoodComments Off on Marukai eStore is a godsend

I’ve shopped in their stores for years but only just realized their online store is just as fabulous. If you’re unable to get to any of their locations throughout Southern California, then you need to get over to their eStore asap. Does it feature

Macaron Research

November 3, 2012 • FoodComments Off on Macaron Research

Even the professionals struggle with macaroons, says Meike Beck, chief home economist at the Good Housekeeping Institute. “Three seconds of overbeating and they’re ruined.” The institute spent a month making hundreds of batches of macaroons, trying to

About: VogueFish

January 5, 2012 • Food, Humor, LifestyleComments Off on About: VogueFish

vogue 1571, the vogue , “leading place in popularity, greatest success or acceptance,” from M.Fr. vogue “fashion, success, drift, swaying motion (of a boat)” lit. “a rowing,” from O.Fr. voguer “to row,sway, set sail,” probably from O.Low Ger.

Chosun Galbi

September 23, 2006 • FoodComments Off on Chosun Galbi

Address: 3330 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA Phone: 323-734-3330 URL: Hours: Open seven days for lunch and dinner 11:30 a.m-10:30 p.m. Cuisine: Korean (“conservative”) Specialty: buckwheat noodles, bbq shrimp Menu: