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  • Hero (2002)

    September 5, 2004 • Film, ReviewsComments Off on Hero (2002)

    Director: Zhang Yimou Producer: William Kong, Zhang Yimou Writer: Wang Bin, Feng Li, Zhang Yimou Cinematographer: Christopher Doyle Fight Choreographer: Ching Siu Tung Cast: Jet Li, Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Donnie Yen, Zhang Ziyi Country: China

  • Red Dust (1990)

    November 17, 2003 • Film, ReviewsComments Off on Red Dust (1990)

    Director: Ho Yim Writer: Ho Yim Cast: Maggie Cheung, Brigitte Lin Running Time: 94 min. Plot: Stretching across the canvas of the Sino-Japanese War of the 30s, the subsequent Japanese surrender in 1945, and the onslaught of Communism, this film depicts an

  • Police Story II (1988)

    November 17, 2003 • Film, ReviewsComments Off on Police Story II (1988)

    AKA: Police Force II; Kowloon’s Eye Literally: Police Story Sequel Director: Jackie Chan (Sing Lung) Producer: Leonard Ho Koon-Cheung Writer: Jackie Chan (Sing Lung), Edward Tang King-Sun Action Director: Jackie Chan’s Stuntman Association Cast:

  • Heroic Trio (1993)

    April 22, 2003 • Film, hong kong, ReviewsComments Off on Heroic Trio (1993)

    Directors: Johnnie To Kei-Fung Action Director: Ching Siu-Tung Script: Sandy Shaw Producer: Ching Siu-Tung Cast: Michelle Yeoh (Invisible Girl) Anita Mui Yim-Fong (Wonder Woman) Maggie Cheung (Thief Catcher) Damian Lau (Inspector Lau) Hui Siu-Hung (Ronald)