Midnight@Sunset 2002

July 11, 2002 • Events, Film

presented by AFF

8000 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood
3 hrs free parking with validation

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Haven’t had enough of the heat?

event_MAS_beastHang out with the AFF crew at midnight! Watch grunge cop Anthony Wong (career performance!) tackle new cop Michael F. Wong on the mean streets of Hong Kong and get a cockroach’s eye view of what it really takes to survive the triad lifestyle post-1997. BEAST COPS boasts a superb cast, acclaimed script and manic visuals. It’s the 5-time award-winning film that saved the languishing Hong Kong film industry with its indie grit, black comedy and brutal climax all set against an LSD-laced surf soundtrack. Don’t let the genre-bending give you a whiplash.

BEAST COPS starts out like your typical buddy-cop movie with its good cop/bad cop stereotypes, but it quickly ice-picks you in the head with its authentic portrayal of gangster life with multi-layered characters and subplots. The amazing tonal shift works because of the performances. And Anthony Wong’s award-winning portrayal of the morally-conflicted, anti-triad, cop-on-the-take is on par with anything from Hollywood’s greats. From the sordid realism of its first frames to the manic scream-inducing rush of its ending, BEAST COPS is what gave the Hong Kong New Wave its ferocity and heart.

…or perhaps not hot enough?

event_MAS_sexzenSex and Zen II
July 12-13, 2002
Cantonese with English subtitles
88 min

Young innocent, Loletta Lee, plays the daughter of a sex-crazed landlord (Elvis Tsui) who discovers her sister-in-law (Shu Qi) cum mother-in-law to be a life-sucking monster trying to achieve eternal life by feasting on human juices. With the help of an Imperial hunter, she must cast aside her inhibitions (and an elaborate chastity belt) in order to defeat evil forces. A lot of sex and very little Zen, this is one of the wildest, most erotic martial arts film that will topple the imagination. Sexual liberation was never this much fun!

event_MAS_longniteThe Longest Nite
June 14-15, 2002
Cantonese with English subtitles
85 min

Macau, a whacked-out version of Monte Carlo, is dangerously out of control on this one long crazy night. Lau Ching-Wan (A Hero Never Dies) is the quietly psychotic hitman on holiday to collect the bounty placed on the head of a corrupt cop played by the deliciously sinister Tony Leung Chiu-Wai (In the Mood for Love, Happy Together). An intense character-driven, psychological action thriller from Hong Kong’s best: Johnnie To, Wai Kai-Fai, and Patrick Yau, The Longest Nite is a screaming hell-ride into the triad gangster underbelly with blood-stained twists and machete-honed turns. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

event_MAS_sharkSharkskin Man & Peach Hip Girl
June 28-29, 2002
Japanese with English subtitles
108 min

Based on Mochizuki Minetarou’s best-selling manga, Peach Hip Girl, Momojiri (Sie Kohinata) is trapped working at her pervy uncle’s hotel when yakuza Sharkskin Man, Samehada (Tadanobu Asano), crashes— in his skivvies—into her dull and hopeless life and spins her off into a “surreal, violent, funny, lovers-on-the-run” adventure. Pursued by a group of deadly hyper-fashioned-geared yakuza killers and hunted by her psychopathic uncle, all they can do is run for their lives. The opening is so cool that even Tarantino wanted to borrow the idea!

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