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Episode 9 Attack of the Banana Republic

October 27, 2006 • HumorComments Off on Episode 9 Attack of the Banana Republic

It’s been another long work week but what happened last night was a gem and while it had unintended consequences, it really perked up my evening….. I was getting ready for bed around midnight, brushing my teeth, putting files away for the next day when suddenly I hear a loud noise like paper taiko drums …

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Cat For Sale

May 2, 2005 • HumorComments Off on Cat For Sale

He still attacks Merlin (who has developed a really high pitch yowl) and me, whenever he feels frisky, which is always.  He scratches everything and knocks anything that isn’t nailed down off counters, and occasionally swallows them.  But when

Forty-five Screens and Nothing to Watch

February 22, 2005 • Culture, Film, LifestyleComments Off on Forty-five Screens and Nothing to Watch

Take the time. Support good film. Because if we have another year where “Taxi” is #1 in its first week out, I’ll be looking for you. And I fight dirty. Sun Star Online by Alex Grantham I don’t think the public understands how the movie

Meet Maus

August 21, 2004 • HumorComments Off on Meet Maus

Instead of interest on savings, you get a cat. This is what greeted me when I went to the bank today. Just 1.5 pounds and all belly.

Asian Values Via The Movies

July 23, 2003 • Culture, Film, LifestyleComments Off on Asian Values Via The Movies

If we base what we know of the people of Hong Kong only on what is portrayed in Cantonese movies and television soap operas, they would be the most unlikely people on earth to come out for mass demonstrations, marches and candle-light vigils.

It Runs East-West

August 22, 2002 • Culture, LifestyleComments Off on It Runs East-West

Sawtelle may be a north-south street on the map, but for many homesick young Asians, it goes straight to the heart. CalendarLive The pack of young women stationed outside FuRaiBo, a Japanese-style pub or izaka-ya on West Los Angeles’ Sawtelle Boulevard,

Hong Kong Film Basics (1999)

January 3, 1999 • Culture, Film, LifestyleComments Off on Hong Kong Film Basics (1999)

Why are they all subtitled? Hong Kong films are made in Cantonese by an industry whose primary audience is in Hong Kong, the rest of Asia second. The fact that the rest of the world has discovered these films and continues to watch them does not appear to be