Ranma ½: The Movie 2, Nihao My Concubine (1992)

November 17, 2003 • Film, Reviews

Director: Shuji Iuchi
Producer: Hiroshi Hasegawa, Yoko Matsushita, Hidenori Taga
Writer: Rumiko Takahashi (comic), Ryota Yamaguchi

Running Time: 60 min.

Plot: With the Tendos, the Saotomes, Ryoga, Shampoo and Ukyo misinterpreting Tatewake Kuno’s invitation to his two loves, Akane and “The Pig Tailed Girl”, to try his new yacht, a whole new episode of chaos begins in the already unstable lives of the Saotome/Tendo clan. A mysterious shadow kidnaps first Akane’s sister Kasumi, then continues on until all the girls disappear. All except everyone’s favorite hydrotranssexual. As an ambush, Ranma’s set out to trap one of the shadows, revealing them to be under the control of a powerful prince Toma. Toma is the young prince of a floating island to which only males are born due to a powerful spring which turns anything into a man. Of course, he’s out to rescue the girls, but more importantly, can he get a hold of the water that may free him of the Jusenkyo curse? And even more importantly, can he keep his mouth shut before Akane does more damage to him then Prince Toma does?

Did you see the first Ranma movie? This one’s more of the same. The exact same story, done again without any significant change. The timing is still off; the only thing that is different is that all the girls have larger breasts, earning this seaside film the unnofficial moniker “Silicone Beach.” If you didn’t like the first Ranma movie, surprise!: you won’t like this one, either.

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