Finding and Keeping Ideal Web Design Clients

March 16, 2015 • Design, Web

Recently, I came across this question on Quora: Why are web design clients so hard to deal with?

Jay Gurewitsch, Owner, put an interesting spin on it by saying: “Funny, as a client of several web design teams over the years, my reaction has been, “why are web designers so hard to deal with?.” I find that there is an almost complete disconnect between client and designers in terms of language and comprehension.”

And he would be right. If there is a disconnect, it is also our responsibility to figure our way out of it.

Another Quora respondent writes, “Web design is a broad category including other skilled sub categories. Creating a website includes (but is not limited to):

  • graphics and visuals appropriate for the target market
  • user interface/experience
  • copywriting
  • technical expertise with the chosen platform php/wordpress etc…
  • comprehension of client’s business objectives
  • comprehension of the target market’s needs
  • comprehension of market fundamentals/competition
  • SEO expertise
  • project manager to tie everything together

To keep good clients, you need to be cognizant of all these things. And, if all that is too much for your plate, remember that’s the time to get help. How do we do that?

There’s two things going on here. First, you have to work on your business so that you are capable of providing the best service possible.



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And this article by Kurt Cruse, Lead Web Designer at Orbit Media, serves as an open letter to new clients. One section, in particular, really resonated with me. I wish I could put this on my business card:

4. Make Decisions.

Keep in mind that your goal here is to get your new site live. It’s easy to get caught up in the process and over think things. Asking for multiple rounds of revisions on minor details that will have no impact on your conversion rate or bottom line only delays the process.

8 Tips for Being an Ideal Client During Your Website Redesign

More thought on this coming soon.

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