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  • Chinese Cinema of a New Generation

    October 11, 2003 • Events, FilmComments Off on Chinese Cinema of a New Generation

    Four incredible films, two evenings, one exquisite museum and a rare look at today’s uncensored Chinese filmmakers. A mixture of urban romance, black chickens, magic poetry and life in the big city of Shanghai, these four films tackle a wide spectrum of

  • A Beautiful New World (1999)

    October 11, 2003 • Film, ReviewsComments Off on A Beautiful New World (1999)

    Director: Shi Runjiu Producer: Peter Loehr Writers: Liu Fen Dou, Zhang Yang, Hou Xin, Diao Yi Nan, Cai Xiang Jun Editor: Yang Hong Yu Cast: Jiang Wu, Tao Hong, Wu Bai, Ren Xian Qi Language: Cantonese, Mandarin Mandarin: Meili xin shijie Running Time: 98 min

  • Noodle King

    November 23, 2000 • FoodComments Off on Noodle King

    1265 E Valley Blvd Alhambra, CA 91804 (626) 281-4836

  • Hong Kong Film Basics (1999)

    January 3, 1999 • Culture, Film, LifestyleComments Off on Hong Kong Film Basics (1999)

    Why are they all subtitled? Hong Kong films are made in Cantonese by an industry whose primary audience is in Hong Kong, the rest of Asia second. The fact that the rest of the world has discovered these films and continues to watch them does not appear to be

  • Remembering Hong Kong ‘98

    April 22, 1998 • StorytellingComments Off on Remembering Hong Kong ‘98

    First impression: Survived dramatic landing at Kai Tak airport. Rewarded with a humid, sticky airport. Last impression: Getting continually searched at customs… Had to stand on a box once. There was confusion at the gate as psycho tour guide Jacquelyn