Seijun Suzuki’s Taisho Trilogy

September 6, 2002 • Events, Film

The Japanese American Cultural & Community Center and
Asian Film Foundation with support from The Japan Foundation
Proudly Present


Maverick director Seijun Suzuki is once again stirring filmgoers out of their slumber with his latest film, Pistol Opera. Now see his most ambitious achievement, the fabled “Taisho Trilogy,” at the JACCC Theater. For the first time in sequence on the big screen, Seijun Suzuki’s Taisho Trilogy — Zigeunerweizen, Mirage Theatre and Yumeji. A triple-threat descent into mystery, betrayal and madness. For mature audiences only. One weekend, one screening per film — one chance to find out why you shouldn’t have missed “Pistol Opera.”

Thematically-related and made over a twelve-year period, the Taisho Trilogy takes place in an era of, to use Suzuki’s words, “eroticism, grotesqueness, and nonsense.” A world away from his hard-boiled crime movies, these films look at a vital period in Japan’s history through a cracked kaleidoscope. Suzuki’s heady images ripple with enigmatic beauty; his stories, ranging from the mystery of Zigeunerweizen and the comedy of Yumeji to the ghostly love story of Mirage Theatre, are urgent and fascinating. The films showcase Suzuki’s dreamlike sense of narrative as well as his landmark flair for cinematic color. It’s a trip down the rabbit hole seen through the looking glass: in Suzuki’s world, the absurd and nonsensical take on a mysterious and horrifying, yet wonderful and captivating meaning.

Never released in the United States and lost to the world for the better part of a decade, these three films are among Suzuki’s very best. Seijun Suzuki’s Taisho Trilogy is a must-see event for fans of Suzuki and fans of the cinema.

Featuring a Suzuki-style fashion extravaganza and silent auction sponsored by Kimono-Ya, film forum and more. If you miss this, you will never forgive yourself.

Proceeds from the auction will immediately benefit, a nonprofit community outreach and training facility to help ethnic minorities in Los Angeles prepare for jobs in the entertainment industry. In addition, your contribution will fund more events by the Asian Film Foundation.

Special thanks to: Hirokazu Kosaku, Gail Matsui, Victor Wong—Japanese American Cultural and Community Center; Mitsuhiro Nakamura, Hiroko Obashi—Kimono-ya; Dawn Eastin— Downtown News LA; Martha Estrada—Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles; Jeanne Klein—Japanese American National Museum; Patrick Macias—Viz Communications; Carl Morano—Media Blasters; R.O’Donnell— Home Vision Entertainment; Rick Stelan—Drunkenmaster.TV; Thep Ung—Nestlé USA.

**Sep. 7, 6pm: Exhibit booths and Kimono display open
**Sep. 7, 8pm: Suzuki-Style Kimono Fashion Show
and Zigeunerweizen
**Sep. 8, pm: Exhibit booths and Kimono display open
**Sep. 8, 2pm: Mirage Theatre
**Sep. 8, 4pm: Film Panel
**Sep. 8, 5pm: Yumeji
**Sep. 8, 8pm: Silent Auction ends

George & Sakaye Aratani/Japan America Theatre
244 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, Little Tokyo.

General admission $8. Onsale now at the Japan America Theatre
244 S. San Pedro Street, downtown Los Angeles, Little Tokyo.


A vibrant display of traditional and contemporary kimonos set to a custom soundtrack and a backdrop of Suzuki film images. Please pick up your Auction Guide for full details. Portion of the proceeds will benefit

Kimonos sponsored by Kimono-ya. Production by Eiren Chong, Alan Lawrence, Susanna Modjallal, Shelley Hermes and Romita Stutts. Make-up and hair by Glen Yu, New York. Make-up donated by Clarins, New York.

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