Private Eye Blues, The (1994)

November 17, 2003 • Film, Reviews

Director: Eddie Ling-Ching Fong
Producer: Teddy Kwan
Writer: Eddie Ling-Ching Fong
Cast: Jacky Cheung, Frankie Chin, Ho Chin, Kathy Chow
Running Time: ? min.

Plot: THE PRIVATE EYE BLUES was directed by Eddie Fong Ling-Ching, and stars Jacky Cheung Hok-Yu (CHINESE GHOST STORY II & III, BULLET IN THE HEAD) as a Hong Kong private detective depressed over the failure of his marriage to ambitious television reporter Kathy Chow Hoi-Mei. When he is assigned to keep tabs on a young Mainland girl (Mavis Fan Hiu-Huen), she turns the tables on him by blowing his cover and declaring that the two of them are predestined.

A Jacky Cheung star-vehicle (there should be a law against such things), with a lot of sad attempts at humor and consistent mugging by very-minor-acting-talent Jacky. He is one of the most popular, probably THE MOST popular singer in Hong Kong history, but as an actor he has more often than not provided ruinous performances for most of the films he’s been in. Once in a while, while working with a talented director like Wong Kar-Wai, he did quite well. But this is not one of those instances. This movie, a completely unintelligible story about a mainland Chinese girl who is kind of like “The Golden Child” from Eddie Murphy’s awful 80s movie. She communicates with UFOs or something. Jacky protects her from thugs we hardly ever see, and in the process tries to make up with his ex-wife and his children. But who cares? The scenes of domestic violence, the goofy slapstick, and the weird X-File-ish elements all seem to come from completely separate movies, all coincidentally starring Jacky Cheung.

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