Powerful Four (1991)

November 17, 2003 • Film, Reviews

Country: Hong Kong
Director: David Lam
Action Director: Yuen Tak
Producer: ?
Writer: ?

Cast: Danny Lee, Simon Yam, Waise Lee, Kent Cheng

Running Time: ?

Plot: Headless was a sergeant at the late 50’s. He was almost dismissed then he offended sam, the opium shop owner, however having solved serious cases he was promoted to be chief chinese detective. Thereafter, Master Hung, Fatty B and Laughter Tiger were also promoted and they were called the Powerful Four.

Powerful Four teams four of Hong Kong’s best supporting actors as a group of corrupt cops who finally take down the mob they’ve been letting off the hook for so many years. It’s not so much the realistic story of corruption it wants to be. The filmmakers decide to lean instead on fisticuff scenes and the occasional gunfight. The fights are fine, the actors are good. But it’s not The Mission. It doesn’t have the style or the individual voice to pull things off that way. Sorry, guys. No cigar.

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