Drunken Master (1978)

November 17, 2004 • Film, Reviews

This movie( along with Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow) boosted Jackie’s career as Jackie Chan, not a Bruce Lee clone! When I saw this movie, I thought it was going to be just another kung-fu film. Boy, was I wrong! This movie had a fight scene in almost every chapter( DVD) and the fight scenes are so awesome , you have to watch them more than 2 times to realize that they are moving like that! When this movie came out it broke HK movie records at that time.

Now to get to the story, Jackie plays a young and mischief Wong Fei-Hung who is always getting himself into trouble( the first scene with jackie can help me with that!). Jackie then bets with his friends that he can make a girl kiss and hug him! So he fakes his eye getting poked and he takes a snake and puts it to her feet and she jumps into jackie’s arms! Real smooth Jackie, REAL smooth!!! Then he beats up a local mans son and Fei-Hungs dad gets mad. So he hires his uncle to help him learn how to control himself! Later on he teaches him DRUNKEN BOXING! When he defeats a King of Sticks and now must face Thunderleg played by The best kicker in Kung-fu history Hwang Jang Lee! That fight surpasses most of Jackie’s other fights!

Director: Yuen Woo-Ping
Producer: Ng See-Yuen
Starring: Jackie Chan, Hwang Jang Lee, Simon Yuen

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