Covet Thy Glass

April 25, 2014 • Tech

I’ve been coveting this little gem since I heard about it last year. Despite the fact that Google Glass is now available for general consumer purchase, it is still too pricey for my blood. What a treat it was to run into a stranger and force him to let me try a pair today!

I only had it on for a minute but it was quite thrilling. I tapped on the right side of the peacock blue frame and instantly text messages popped up in the top right corner of my field of view. WOW! Can you say cyborg style? This is amazing and a lot of fun. Of course, not while you’re driving or eating KBBQ. Or if you’re really young (or really old) and can’t stay focused on more than one thing at a time. Which has happened to some people I know. On occasion. To those other people. Wah?

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