All About Ah-Long (1989)

October 30, 2002 • Film, hong kong

“A great melodrama obviously inspired by KRAMER VS KRAMER. [But] this version is more “”realistic.”” There is a certain ambiguity in this film (regarding the characterization for instance) that was not present in the American counterpart. If you have plenty of kleenex close by then this film is for you! Was nominated for 8 Hong-Kong awards.”

–Martin Sauvageau, Hong Kong Cinema Reviews

“Chow Yun-Fat’s portrayal of Ah Long is an amazing piece of work. Though this is a deeply flawed man, his basic humanity shines through. The relationship of Ah Long and his son is the one thing in Ah Long’s life in which he will not allow compromise; for each sin he has committed in the past he seems to be willing to pay a thousandfold in his love and sacrifice for his son. In return he is adored, even for all his faults, and it is clear that the love of the boy is the one thing which has given Ah Long continued reason to live after he has lost everything else…This is a fine film for anyone, excepting perhaps small children; there are disturbing scenes of domestic violence and dire poverty which might not be suitable. A beautiful and sensitive look at how hard it can sometimes be just to be human, All About Ah Long will leave all but the most jaded in tears.”

–Leigh Melton, A Freeman in Hong Kong

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