A Better Tomorrow III (1989)

September 17, 2003 • Film, Reviews

[director Tsui Hark]

Tsui Hark and John Woo had a sort of a falling out, prompted by what seemed to be a lack of communication (and probably by Hark’s zealousness as a “controlling” producer), around the time that The Killer was made. Woo had always wanted to make a movie in Vietnam during the war with the United States, but Hark ixnayed all of his suggested projects. Woo tried to sell it to Hark as A Better Tomorrow III, but when Chow Yun-Fat finally convinced Woo to take his projects to Golden Princess instead of the Film Workshop, Hark took over direction of A Better Tomorrow III: Love and Death in Saigon, by himself. Some craziness ensued. Apparently, their demolitions expert provided by the Vietnamese government blew himself up, and there were other such dramas. At any rate, Chow Yun-Fat is back, playing a younger Mark Lee, trying with the help of Tony Leung Kar-Fei and enigmatic Anita Mui to make money in the war-torn country.


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